Introducing a vintage image gallery and affordable download marketplace

American West, probably Idaho

American West, probably Idaho, 1960’s

My dream of developing a virtual archive and gallery has started to come true. Encouraged by the good experiences I’ve had marketing digital downloads of mid-century photography from my Etsy shop, Our Kodachrome Years, and posting here at Art Field, I have opened an online store at my own website, The William & Ruby Hinson Photo Archive, named in honor of my parents who have entrusted their collections to me.

The Hinson Archive has a unique and irreplaceable perspective on Americana and the American South of the nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries, including the mid-Atlantic regions of Washington DC, Virginia, and North Carolina. The twentieth century imagery has the benefit of the impact of Kodachrome, a lost process. Every image was composed by a photographer who was more than a documentarian, but also an artist. In addition to those vintage color slides, I have many old photographs from my mother’s family that were taken in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. They are beautiful artifacts in and of themselves and hold a wealth of information about the times in which they were produced. That collection is in the process of being digitized and added to the Archive as well.

Please take a moment and visit me there, and do let me know what you think of the site. I look forward to talking about any of these lovely images that happen to capture your imagination!

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