My worst best friend

I’ve been an avid city hiker for years now. I love a good trail, but it needs to have a little asphalt or decomposed granite on it and good cell phone service. Terminus at a corner market with cold drinks is a bonus. The possibility of observing architecturally significant homes (and I’m pretty loose about what is significant) is a must.


These shots are from 2015, on the best day out ever with my current DSLR. It was a memorable day because I was out with my daughter India, and we ran into a guy who had just inherited a Hasselblad outfit and had little or no idea what he had. I took these images in the canyon between the Cabrillo Freeway and Richmond Street northeast of the Marston House while she gently set the guy straight. 


I’m thinking of trading up to a newer camera body. I’ve never quite clicked with this model (pun unintended but noted). I’m not sentimental about this camera even with it’s small successes, and the autofocus still gives me fits. But for that reason, this camera has led me to some very still places.


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